Tuning inward is a great act of service to our inner being . . .  Taking time to breathe and feel the space within our bodies allows life to move through us and be released. When we shift our attention to knowing the feelings, emotions and sensations were experiencing, our hearts can open to receive the unexpected gifts within each day.

It is easy to live our lives so tightly bound to the circumstances of each day. We can get caught sharing stories, based on thoughts of habit that may be untrue. When we take the time to inquire within before responding, we can detach from reacting and tap into what is true. This subtle shift can give such ease to our inner world.

Can you give yourself permission to slow down and feel your inner space?

Minds filled with busy thoughts. An experience with no room for silence. Body movements so quick. Attention taken from the experience of being alive. Quality time comes to life when we slow down to experience the fullness of our lives. Fluttering from one situation to another as a butterfly infinitely shares her beauty, but ultimately needs a place to land. We show up, we love, we give, we nurture and we do it all outside ourselves. Could we mend our insides?

When we breathe deeply and feel the space in our body, we give life back to our being. When we expand our awareness outward listening to the sounds of life, we silence our busy minds. When we slow down to feel the sensations beneath our fingertips, we tune into the simple pleasures of being alive. There are opportunities each day, when we stay open to finding them.

We may be at a chapter in our lives where we must show up and give constantly, but maybe we can change the way we experience these demands. Maybe we can receive as much as we give, and have more to share as we tap into the infinite well inside our beings, where love never ends, truth always lives and ease really exists.

May comfort be found as we snuggle into bed tonight, feeling fulfilled as we’ve taken the time to connect to our inner self.

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