I’ve stood and watched, fuelled by beauty … open while I wait. I’ve seen you awaken, sharing your truth from within. I’ve watched you come to life as fleeting moments of expression come and go, naturally. I’ve experienced the divine within nature and known deeply its the basis of us all. Its been my true honour to mirror the natural essence of beauty. Its been my pleasure to meet the people on my path where they are, waiting for them to share with me their essence. It has been my hope that they return to the imagery I gave, to see their truth…their real beauty.

I feel I have more in me to serve, as I allow myself to evolve and grow curiously getting more intimate with my soul, my being . . . this basis of who I really am. The more I learn I have to share with you. The whisper deep inside, is calling me out to serve you more. Finding clarity and sharing language that openly encourages quality time, we can deliberately create a space where you experience the love, connection and beauty of the life inside and outside of you. I wish to facilitate space where you leave feeling more fulfilled than when you came, all the while reflecting through photographs the beauty you share as you fully engage in the process of life.

I wish to consciously create a space during our session, where quality time can be experienced. Deep presence and stillness can be welcomed, and open hearted connection with your loved ones can be shared. I will connect with you, as we discover what your needs really are prior to our time together. We will take your booking as an opportunity to create the experience you long for. I will design milestones within our space that align with your needs, leaving you uplifted and able to surrender to the present as you engage in each moment that rises. You will receive images where the authentic beauty can be relived in memory, and possibilities can be brought back to life.

Old Growth Forest, Tasmania Australia

Old Growth Forest, Tasmania Australia

Space comes when there is inner acceptance of whatever you are experiencing in the present moment.
— Eckhart Tolle