Do you stop to smell the roses?

In moments of being, I start deeply seeing - all of the beauty that makes up my every day life. I have spent most of my adult years on fast forward. Mental space running 5 steps ahead, an energizer bunny fully charged to keep up with the pace I had set. I was under the blue skies, in front of the sparkling waters and within the tall trees but rarely did I take it in. There was no time to pay mind to the heightened sensations born of these godly creations. There was too much beauty to capture, I couldn't take a breath - a moment would be lost!

So driven to create, so sure my happiness and fulfillment lied in the future, I was forgetting to soak up the gifts tucked into the here and now. The east coast of Canada was calling me, Newfoundland. . . So I booked a flight. My intention was to keep an open heart and curious mind, seeing where the road took me and the people lead. The universe kept handing me opportunities to release my grip, to stay present and open to the evolving conditions. I was travelling to the most northern point of the province, determined to lay my tracks and set my sights on an iceberg. Winter conditions blew in on the extreme, ice covered pavement and less visibility. Stubborn to stick to my plan, I was sure the magic waited where I originally set my focus. My heart began to close. White knuckling at 10 and 2 o’clock, the inner struggle began. “Do I turn around, or do I push through? Do I perceive through my narrow tunnel vision, or do I let go and melt into the path of least resistance?” I began to feel unsafe so I took that wheel from 10 and 2 and we did a 180 to face my tracks. Later down the road, with a surrendered ego and uncertain heart I asked for a sign. A sign that would provide me with assurance that I had made the right decision. Not long after, looking to my left upon some slate mountain rock, read the capital letters  J A D E. Undeniably a less common name, it was the most perfect road sign that I was back on track. Open and allowing, curious and excited, my heart grew sure I was supported and back track. Embracing all that was, I was susceptible and so willing to bend, I was clear and engaged, I was trusting all that each moment gave.

The walls that surround my heart continuously crumble as it grows through the nourishing experiences of this life. It emerges bigger, juicier, deeper than before as I re-learn the beauty within the being of this journey. Satisfaction fills my soul as I allow myself to be all that each moment brings. Locating where in my body I feel the marvel, describing the sensations within that location and giving identity to that feeling. Processing and revelling in the being of that time and space, I reconnect to the truth and the miracles tucked into the present.

Do you get excited for a new day? Or do you hit the ground running with no time to breathe or play? When we take the time to nurture all that is already in our lives, our perspective shifts to realize - so much of our needs are right here in front of us. To hear as we listen, to feel as we touch, to breath as we do, to truly see when we look. To give ourselves permission to engage and connect with all that each moment gives through our senses. Finding clarity once we experience all that is, we come to know the depths of our hearts and meanings of our lives as they continue to grow.

Your entire life only happens in this moment. The present moment is life itself. Yet, people live as if the opposite were true and treat the present moment as a stepping stone to the next moment - a means to an end.
— Eckhart Tolle
A weathered rose, emerging from the grounds of Sweden 2017.

A weathered rose, emerging from the grounds of Sweden 2017.