Tuning inward is a great act of service to our inner being . . .  Taking time to breathe and feel the space within our bodies allows life to move through us and be released. When we shift our attention to knowing the feelings, emotions and sensations were experiencing, our hearts can open to receive the unexpected gifts within each day.

It is easy to live our lives so tightly bound to the circumstances of each day. We can get caught sharing stories, based on thoughts of habit that may be untrue. When we take the time to inquire within before responding, we can detach from reacting and tap into what is true. This subtle shift can give such ease to our inner world.

Can you give yourself permission to slow down and feel your inner space?

Minds filled with busy thoughts. An experience with no room for silence. Body movements so quick. Attention taken from the experience of being alive. Quality time comes to life when we slow down to experience the fullness of our lives. Fluttering from one situation to another as a butterfly infinitely shares her beauty, but ultimately needs a place to land. We show up, we love, we give, we nurture and we do it all outside ourselves. Could we mend our insides?

When we breathe deeply and feel the space in our body, we give life back to our being. When we expand our awareness outward listening to the sounds of life, we silence our busy minds. When we slow down to feel the sensations beneath our fingertips, we tune into the simple pleasures of being alive. There are opportunities each day, when we stay open to finding them.

We may be at a chapter in our lives where we must show up and give constantly, but maybe we can change the way we experience these demands. Maybe we can receive as much as we give, and have more to share as we tap into the infinite well inside our beings, where love never ends, truth always lives and ease really exists.

May comfort be found as we snuggle into bed tonight, feeling fulfilled as we’ve taken the time to connect to our inner self.

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I’ve stood and watched, fuelled by beauty … open while I wait. I’ve seen you awaken, sharing your truth from within. I’ve watched you come to life as fleeting moments of expression come and go, naturally. I’ve experienced the divine within nature and known deeply its the basis of us all. Its been my true honour to mirror the natural essence of beauty. Its been my pleasure to meet the people on my path where they are, waiting for them to share with me their essence. It has been my hope that they return to the imagery I gave, to see their truth…their real beauty.

I feel I have more in me to serve, as I allow myself to evolve and grow curiously getting more intimate with my soul, my being . . . this basis of who I really am. The more I learn I have to share with you. The whisper deep inside, is calling me out to serve you more. Finding clarity and sharing language that openly encourages quality time, we can deliberately create a space where you experience the love, connection and beauty of the life inside and outside of you. I wish to facilitate space where you leave feeling more fulfilled than when you came, all the while reflecting through photographs the beauty you share as you fully engage in the process of life.

I wish to consciously create a space during our session, where quality time can be experienced. Deep presence and stillness can be welcomed, and open hearted connection with your loved ones can be shared. I will connect with you, as we discover what your needs really are prior to our time together. We will take your booking as an opportunity to create the experience you long for. I will design milestones within our space that align with your needs, leaving you uplifted and able to surrender to the present as you engage in each moment that rises. You will receive images where the authentic beauty can be relived in memory, and possibilities can be brought back to life.

Old Growth Forest, Tasmania Australia

Old Growth Forest, Tasmania Australia

Space comes when there is inner acceptance of whatever you are experiencing in the present moment.
— Eckhart Tolle

Do you know how beautiful you are?

I didn't, until I rediscovered this image. It wasn't the shape of my face, the colour of my hair, the size of my body . . . it was the life in my eyes. This is the beauty I've been chasing in others through a camera lens.

Seemingly simple, yet ground-breakingly profound. . . I was the girl who saw beauty within others and all around. Finally, I'm feeling it from within myself after finding this old picture upon my closet shelf. As I instinctively looked upon it, my eyes began to flood with gratitude at the awe-striking joy of life - that was always there. The curtain was lifted . . . my heart could feel and my eyes could see all of the beauty that was making up me. Taking 28 years to thread that curtain might finally be drawn, leaving only the pure light, ease, joy, love and peace within this second, this moment, this hour, this day. . . this life.  

It has been so natural for me to see the beauty in the fleeting moments around me. The connections and interactions that ignite the eyes of the lives I've captured, bringing forward inner beauty. It is constant, the beauty outside of me that I see. The soft touch each parent uses to embrace their children, the eyes that sparkle at the sight of their life's deepest love, the wonder and connection received from engaging within surroundings. All of these moments that declare the way we show up in the world, the way we live our lives, the way we interact with the people around us. It has been my life work to capture that impermanent but ever present essence so representative of our authentic beauty. It has been so beyond my reach to see it within myself. 

This photo captures such a depth within my young eyes. It is honest, and trusting, and pure, and present . . . and playful, and curious and light . . .  that essence has always been inside of me. All that separated me from this wonderful, undeniable beauty was this misconception of myself. Collected beliefs, ideals, standards over the years had piled up blocking my light, faulting my vision from seeing all that I really am. 

If the only thing between feeling the most profound happiness (which we came here to experience) was the perceptions of ourselves, then can't we just be, not think or do any other than what we really are? If only we could know our own beauty the way the world does, the way our mothers and fathers do, our dearest friends and loved ones . . . Maybe we can start to believe those constant reminders that tell us how amazing we are. What if we could shift our perspectives from all of our short comings to all of the times where we were there. Immersing ourselves in each moment being all that we are, no matter how that feels, is so much more than enough.

This life is ours to seek joy from, to experience, and to love . . . to rewrite our definition of happiness as it evolves and grows. Let's see ourselves for who we really are, and love that - without condition, so that we can feel ourselves stepping closer to that fulfilling inner peace. Let us find beauty in our heart's essence and allow that to grow. Let's release our grip on the exterior definition of beauty, and get closer to that authentic beauty radiating from within ourselves. 

You are beautiful. [If you don't know it I can't wait until you do] :)

“The most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves.” 
― Pema Chödrön

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We are assigned roles, comparable to when enrolled in a club. President, secretary, treasurer etc., there are expectations attached to each role.  The boxes holding each part, contain the responsibilities.  In this dynamic, diverse, immersed life we play so many characters. We are sons and daughters; we are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, bosses and employees, wives and husbands, adults and children, women and men. But who are we really?

Who am I really? Labels and titles always made my skin crawl. . . Like little ants treading foot on every millimetre of my surface. Feeling restricted and confined, rebellious and driven I wanted to break free. I had my own self to define, I didn’t want to be given a label, and be summed up by a word. I was diverse, ever evolving …I was this complex being composed of trillions of cells, holding many emotions with so many desires I had yet to grow into. I wanted to face each situation as a primed canvas, with curious eyes and fearless wonder. I wanted no assumptions or expectations placed upon me. I wanted to be all that I was, without any need to explain or define. I wanted to explore, the unsigned territory of myself and I didn’t want anyone setting foot on my trail. I was young and determined… I wanted the freedom to express myself and be, without any preconceived notions. 

What if conforming to the roles and labels assigned to us, squashed the truth of who we really are. Aren’t we a series of expressions, and when we stayed open and attuned we grow into ourselves becoming all that we are meant to be. Like that old oak tree, planted as an addition to the yard, one that could support that old rubber tire as it swung two and fro. The tree didn’t stop when its support was strong enough; it continued to grow. Reaching up and beyond while rooting deeper down below, every way its true nature lead, it continued to go. What if when we centre our lives around these roles, we forget who we really are and those roles begin to define us. 

Its now as if I stand in a classroom looking out into the eyes of students. Each representing the roles in my life. Directing and guiding, I am the leader of this room, I serve as my heart and soul, the truth of all that I am.  There is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a photographer, a granddaughter. Each open and listening to the guidance of their teacher. Their attendance is a gift. They make the classroom dynamic and expressive. They contribute to the experience of the heart and soul. They become expressions of the knowledge and wisdom that is shared by the teacher, who is me at the front of the room. They offer gifts of connection, inspiration and grounding. When I focus on their beauty I receive all they give, I expand and grow. 

It is easy sometimes, to lose ourselves and be all that we're expected to be. To show up pleasing and quiet, when we want to dance and shout. The truth is, the world needs us. Our families, friends and jobs all need our authenticity. Nature by design relies on the diversity of its surroundings, that theory doesn’t rest with humans. We are like a puzzle, and we fit best together when we allow our differences to join us. We have to honour ourselves, to detach from the labels and confines we’ve allowed to be placed upon us and shape them according to the truth of who we each are. Honour, Embrace, and Be yourself . . . We need you. 

The will is so undefinable and can push you so far beyond. What the spirit can do, is not measurable. The spirit is larger than the body.
— Diana Nyad

What lies at the bottom of your heart?

Its always been photography. I've always been pulled by this undeniable force to capture all of the perfect synchronicity continuously unfolding around us. Afraid I couldn't make my way as a photographer, unable to see the reality of this dream coming to life I kept it as a side. My mother is an artist, a beautiful translator of imagery. A true gift, she discovered at an early age to only develop further by time and practice. An amazing mother, she was able to raise us kids on our family farm as we grew up - while creating her artwork to fulfill her heart and contribute to our family. Reaching a point where her bucket was empty, her tank was dry she took a break from her artwork. I seen this, through childlike eyes to be something I never wanted to do. To devote my life's work to practicing what I loved the most only to deplete its profound joy, and have to switch my path. I wanted to keep my love, never to run it dry so I tried straying away from Photography as my main practice.

It was my second year at Alberta College of Art and Design, and time to apply for our majors. Photography was like this guilty pleasure, I was afraid to tap into knowing I would fall head over heals and never look back. I continued my design classes, as I thought that was the only way I could make it as an artist. To sell my visions and creations to companies that would use them to sell their product to consumers. So much of that idea, felt like a pit in my stomach. Tapping into this source of love through sculpture, and fine art drawing classes I was beginning to feel this urge to give into the wild freedom of capturing the truth for the sake of its beauty. I thought, I might as well put a portfolio together and apply for the Photography major. It was very competitive, I didn't feel I would have a shot but I had plenty of pieces that would fulfill the requirements. There was a pre submission review night where each applicant got to sit down and meet with the professors to gather their opinions on final pieces. I remember my heart singing in my throat, fluttering away like a butterfly who just burst from her cocoon. The perspective and compositions were so appreciated within my images, something so fun for me to capture - so second nature to see. My dream was coming to life, weather I was afraid or not. . . that spark was growing into a big flame - I wouldn't be able to put out. 

Fast forward 6 years later and that loud voice in my heart has mellowed into a softer pull. As the loud longing has been fulfilled, the heart of it continues to grow. Its been a journey of softening into the everyday pleasures and trusting that voice when it tells me to go this way instead of that. Through following these subtitles I've discovered the vast magic tucked into the seemingly ordinary. I feel this voice inside ourselves pulls us to what we need the most. Listening to that voice feels so energizing, liberating, and so right. As we’re treading through our stories and roles, its easy to stride past the underlying stillness and be swept up by our will to keep our head afloat. The most beautiful part of uncovering our truth is that each time we acknowledge ourselves, we settle deeper into our hearts, becoming the awareness of who we always were.

It may seem selfish, to fulfill our hearts true callings when we live in lives that give so much to others. I know for me, the more I honour myself the of me I have to share, and the more truly I receive the beauty thats already there. Sometimes its the little things that lead to the big things, like taking that afternoon nap you secretly longed for, to receive later a phone call that will lead to a full day of unexpected miracles you needed that energy for. Its like there is this un touchable life force looking out for us, leading us, guiding us to our most sincere interests. Its unconditional, forgiving and always there, I know for certain the more I listen to it - the happier I am. 

What does your heart desire? Big or small, simple or complex - it is all so right and so true. The time is worth taking, to honour you :) 

I think we all have something that pulls the soul and that we can give and contribute. Something that lights us up. And when we talk about it, you can often see the lights come on in people. We have to stop sometimes, and really listen to ourselves. Listen to the yearning in ourselves. Its talking to us.
— Sue Monk Kidd
Supple Symmetry : The ditches of a Saskatchewan summer rain, 2017. 

Supple Symmetry : The ditches of a Saskatchewan summer rain, 2017. 


Do you stop to smell the roses?

In moments of being, I start deeply seeing - all of the beauty that makes up my every day life. I have spent most of my adult years on fast forward. Mental space running 5 steps ahead, an energizer bunny fully charged to keep up with the pace I had set. I was under the blue skies, in front of the sparkling waters and within the tall trees but rarely did I take it in. There was no time to pay mind to the heightened sensations born of these godly creations. There was too much beauty to capture, I couldn't take a breath - a moment would be lost!

So driven to create, so sure my happiness and fulfillment lied in the future, I was forgetting to soak up the gifts tucked into the here and now. The east coast of Canada was calling me, Newfoundland. . . So I booked a flight. My intention was to keep an open heart and curious mind, seeing where the road took me and the people lead. The universe kept handing me opportunities to release my grip, to stay present and open to the evolving conditions. I was travelling to the most northern point of the province, determined to lay my tracks and set my sights on an iceberg. Winter conditions blew in on the extreme, ice covered pavement and less visibility. Stubborn to stick to my plan, I was sure the magic waited where I originally set my focus. My heart began to close. White knuckling at 10 and 2 o’clock, the inner struggle began. “Do I turn around, or do I push through? Do I perceive through my narrow tunnel vision, or do I let go and melt into the path of least resistance?” I began to feel unsafe so I took that wheel from 10 and 2 and we did a 180 to face my tracks. Later down the road, with a surrendered ego and uncertain heart I asked for a sign. A sign that would provide me with assurance that I had made the right decision. Not long after, looking to my left upon some slate mountain rock, read the capital letters  J A D E. Undeniably a less common name, it was the most perfect road sign that I was back on track. Open and allowing, curious and excited, my heart grew sure I was supported and back track. Embracing all that was, I was susceptible and so willing to bend, I was clear and engaged, I was trusting all that each moment gave.

The walls that surround my heart continuously crumble as it grows through the nourishing experiences of this life. It emerges bigger, juicier, deeper than before as I re-learn the beauty within the being of this journey. Satisfaction fills my soul as I allow myself to be all that each moment brings. Locating where in my body I feel the marvel, describing the sensations within that location and giving identity to that feeling. Processing and revelling in the being of that time and space, I reconnect to the truth and the miracles tucked into the present.

Do you get excited for a new day? Or do you hit the ground running with no time to breathe or play? When we take the time to nurture all that is already in our lives, our perspective shifts to realize - so much of our needs are right here in front of us. To hear as we listen, to feel as we touch, to breath as we do, to truly see when we look. To give ourselves permission to engage and connect with all that each moment gives through our senses. Finding clarity once we experience all that is, we come to know the depths of our hearts and meanings of our lives as they continue to grow.

Your entire life only happens in this moment. The present moment is life itself. Yet, people live as if the opposite were true and treat the present moment as a stepping stone to the next moment - a means to an end.
— Eckhart Tolle
A weathered rose, emerging from the grounds of Sweden 2017.

A weathered rose, emerging from the grounds of Sweden 2017.