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About ME

Photography continuously reminds me that beauty can be found any where, as long as its in the present. Beauty is seen in form, but to me stems from a feeling. There is an energy like the wind, you can sense but may not see. It can come into sight when it connects with matter, like grass moving or the branch of a tree. Like rays of sun light can only be seen when finding a place to land. We as human beings are composed of much more than our formal properties, we too are filled with this energy, this essence…this root of what I perceive as deep beauty. 

I began my journey with photography 11 years ago, taken by the honesty of the medium I was able to follow the fleeting moments of sheer beauty capturing them as quickly as they came and went. Behind my lens a lot of the time, it was a place I could quiet my own mind and come into alignment with the being inside of me. Unaware of this inner awakening to the outer world, I just followed the muse and gave the beauty of photography’s result whenever I could. I was being kept present and open to the infinite beauty, when behind the lens.

My life continued and so did my inspiration. This passion evolved from a joyous hobby into a career. Learning, exploring and pursuing as I grew at Alberta Collage of Art and Design. Feeling at home in this creative play ground, I followed the path that continued to unfold as my heart guided me so. I’ve now been in business for 4 years.

Exploring depths of beauty, I have come to discover the authentic dimensions of humanity as we foster connection. Creating space for our expression to flourish, allows for the most moving beauty to arise. As energy moves, we experience emotion. This to me is the most awakening beauty.

During our time together, I would love to meet the needs of you and your loved ones by designing a space for expression and connection. Presence will be encouraged as we embrace all that rises. Resulting, secondarily in the preservation of a beauty so sacred it could not be re-created. The space we share will honour your feelings, embody the present and fulfill your desires . . . like the moments we live, our time will be irreplaceable as you bring fleeting expressions of yourself to surface.

I have come to find beauty lives in all ages and stages of life. No matter where your journey finds you, your loved one or your family I would love to meet you there. I will give you photographs which preserve this deep beauty for you to relive as future becomes present and present becomes past.