There is beauty everywhere.

We are born perfect, and whole - that is always within us.


I see it, I feel it, I capture it, and i share it - it is the true expression of my wholeness, to experience the beauty within you and give it back.

I believe that within the depths of our lives, there exists an ever evolving beauty. Beneath the surface of our ordinary, there lies extraordinary expressions of who we really are. Beauty surrounds us every moment wether we see it or not, in constant motion, its the thread that weaves the joy, the bliss, the meaning . . . the truth of all that is. How beautiful it is, when we are brave enough to surrender in our lives, showing up open hearted, exposed and present - embracing everything that creates that moment, regardless of how that feels. It is my fuelling desire to feel life's vast range of experience . . . and capture it for you.

If within "our world" you find, an image you truly love - please feel free to be in touch, prints and mounts are happily created to fulfill your vision.